UnderHost offshore cloud VPS, Windows VPS, servers from various countries, offshore servers, game servers, virtual hosting services, etc.

UnderHost was established in 2007 and specializes in offshore cloud VPS, Windows VPS, anti-complaint servers, offshore servers, game servers, and virtual hosting services in data centers located in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK, Caribbean Islands, USA, Sweden, Russia, Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria, and the Netherlands.

Offshore virtual hosting prices:

Shared virtual hosting prices:

Offshore cloud VPS (includes 1 IP):

10Gbps offshore dedicated servers:
All packages include:

  • Full duplex 10Gbps connection
  • Multiple control panels for direct management, including cPanel or free aaPanel
  • rDNS can be changed in real-time through our customer panel
  • Standard 24x7 support
  • Each server includes 1 IPv4
  • Up to 13 IP addresses

Various servers available:

Official website:

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